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Resource Management

Plan, schedule, and allocate human and technical resources in the best possible way

Resource Management suite consists of THREE different modules, two of which can exist as a separate resource for planning. Or you can use them all at once or mix and customize them into packages.


Allocation of tasks to work shifts depending on parameters and flight schedules


Automatic publication of work schedules for all staff in different scenarios


Monitoring and assigning tasks to personnel in real-time during ground handling operations.

  • Specifies optimal task assignments based on personnel qualifications.

  • Automatic task allocation after uploading the flight schedule, all personnel parameters, customer requirements, or aviation regulations.

  • Saving calculation results after each scenario and comparing them with previous or subsequent scenarios

  • Automatic assignment of work shift tasks to appropriate personnel and scheduling of work shifts.

  • Calculation of the budget for any time period, as well as determination of potential profits and losses of the company.

  • Generates reports with all the relevant metrics after each calculation.

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