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Sustainable. Automated. Efficient.

Discover the Power
of Digitalization in Airports

Optimize Resources, Reduce Costs, Collect and Analyze data from all ground handling processes – and pay only depending on the number of flights.


Efficient scheduling of human and technical resources. AI-based scenarios for improved utilization of work shifts


Automatic calculation of the cost of received or provided ground handling services. Simple budgeting and invoicing


Customized reporting and analysis of received data from all company activities connected to a ground handling operations

INPUT SOFT team is developing our platform in close cooperation with industry experts and end-users to meet Your evolving needs.

We started our journey after the pandemic because we want to help our industry recover, never experience such losses again, and finally keep pace with the rest of the world in the age of digital transformation.

The result of our work is a software solution that brings the next level of operational efficiency for all companies involved in ground handling operations. We provide a program modules with leading-edge features on the market with a pricing policy reasonable to companies of all sizes.

Our global MISSION is to transform paper-based and legacy processes in the aviation industry into digital ones. Join us in this journey!


Software Suites for
Resource and Data
Program Modules
covering all ground
handling operations
Years of combined
experience of the
core team
Unlimited number
of employees
or users
  • User friendly software platform with Web and App versions

  • Automatic calculation according to pre-set scenarios and own algorithms

  • All services and all features with one provider on a single platform

  • Flexible subscription with competitive and affordable pricing

  • Cloud based platform or Run on Your Own Server

  • Android App for all the users with personal phones and tablets

  • iOS App for all the users with personal iPhones and iPads

  • Utilization of satellite data for the Real Time Planning module

  • Collecting data on the start and end of the operation with GSE using a QR code.

  • Possibility of automatic collection of information about services using NFC-tags

We Are Simplifying the Process of Getting Started

For example, in our Resource Management Software Suite,
you will only need four steps to get started:

Upload your Parameters and Flight Schedule  

Start by entering all parameters and work shift limitations for planning in your company.
Upload a Flight Schedule or we will connect you to any available schedule platform.
Our team will review and guide you through this step during demo and implementation periods.

Automatically receive Shift Plan and Roster for all your Employees

Automatically receive Flight Plan, Shift Plan with tasks and ready made Roster for all your employees.
Change any parameters, customize requirements and calculate any quantity of what-if scenarios.
Download the Roster report and Individual Rosters or send them to your employees via our App, emails or WhatsApp.

Control your operations in Real-time with notifications to iOS & Android

Automatically receive the real-time flight schedule updates about any delays.
Share the updated assignments and tasks to your employees in our App or via WhatsApp.
Save valuable time during ground handling operations thanks to real-time operations control.

Review Analytics and make Decisions based on Actual Data

After each calculations receive the analytical report with all main parameters - FTE, Heads, Paid Hours, Worked Hours, and more.
Download the reports to your computer or send them automatically to any of your colleague or even another software program.
With the help of our experts tailor the analytical reports to your specific needs. Add any additional parameters for data tracking.


Our software suites revolutionize the approach in
Resource and Data Management of ground handling operations

Up to 20% improvement in
employee utilization rate
Lower costs on infrastructure
and lower carbon footprint
Increased revenue via
digitalization of turnaround
Easy scaling for remote
station management
24 hours 7 days a week
customer support
Scalable modular approach to pay only for the solution you need
An unlimited number of
users and employees
Real-time management of ground handling operations

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