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Aviation Software Solutions

Your way to digitization in airports
Are you having a hard time figuring out how to reduce your costs without compromising the quality of airport services?
That's what we're good at!


INPUT SOFT solutions are aimed at improving the quality of passenger and airline services, reducing labor costs, and optimizing technological processes during ground handling operations.

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Efficient scheduling and improved utilization of work shifts

Forecasting of various airport occupancy patterns for any number of flights

Reporting and analysis of received data from all company activities

Automatic calculation of the cost of services and invoicing


A software suite that solves the problem of inefficient planning of human and technical resources in the aviation industry.

Resource Planning and Staff Rostering program modules determine the optimal assignment of tasks based on your data. 

Real-time Planning module allows your manager or scheduling engineer to change shifts and tasks for their employees with just a few clicks in real-time with automatic notifications on IOS and Android Apps.

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A software suite that helps to handle all the data flows from all the procedures and processes that take place at the airport.

The suite consists of four different program modules, each of which can exist as a separate resource for data collection and analysis, or you can use them all at once or mix them into packages.

You will be able to control the utilization of ground support equipment and receive and analyze data from all procedures on the ramp and in the terminal buildings.


Your new workspace will now look like this:

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