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​Robust resource and data management strategies becoming more important than ever in the aviation industry as airports and ground handlers increasingly rely on intangible assets to create value.


With our software suits, companies will be able to effectively schedule and increase the occupancy rate of work shifts (utilization), predict different airport occupancy patterns with any quantity of flights for any period of time, calculate scenarios of employee availability and plan the necessary amount of equipment for aircraft maintenance for the season. 

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Знімок екрана  о 1.54.25 пп.png
Знімок екрана  о 1.53.11 пп.png


Resource Planning and Staff Rostering module determines the optimal assignment of tasks based on your data. Activities are assigned automatically after entering all the parameters, customer requirements, or aviation authority restrictions. Also, this software module automatically assigns shifts to the appropriate personnel according to all the parameters, and flight schedules you specify.

Real-time Planning module allows your manager or scheduling engineer to change shifts and tasks for their employees with just a few clicks in real-time with automatic notifications.


The suite consists of four different modules, each of which can exist as a separate resource for data collection and analysis, or you can use them all at once or mix them into packages.

You will be able to control the utilization of ground support equipment, receive and analyze data from all procedures on the apron and in the terminal, automatically bill for provided or received services, implement a safety management system, and use business analytics to improve operational efficiency.

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